So much drama, it’s like Days of Our lives…

….without all the brain transplants!

The kitchen bench drama is almost over, we met with the kitchen place and the stonemasons today, they are going to repolish the benchtops and re-do the edges, if we’re not happy with it after that’s done, it’s going back! (and we’ll just buy some particle board, that’ll do!)

In other drama, the wrong downlight fittings arrived, but we decided we liked the new ones enough to make it not worth pulling them all out and starting again. The media room is still without light fittings, after being given the wrong ones 4 times in a row (and having the right ones re-ordered, hopefully they can be 5th time lucky)..what is it about “satin chrome” that’s so confusing to people..the door handles are right, there needs to be some kind of industry standard!!!
Electrical fitout is almost completely done, the poo-to-water machine is hooked up (but not accepting poo yet), all the tiles are done, not grouted yet. Most plumbling is done, we’re still on schedule for next wednesday (the 14th of May).
Did I mention we’re going to be without carpet for 2 weeks unless the bank decides to give us more money? Still waiting on that result, news as it happens!
The pictures and stuff….

Door handles! For opening the door, and closing it, and stuff…they’re SATIN CHROME.

Rangehood and slashback, this is STAINLESS STEEL, notice the difference between SATIN CHROME and STAINLESS STEEL, it’s really not that hard, is it?

The stove, dual fuel, say that 6 times really fast after you’ve had 14 beers. (dual fuel means it uses gas and electric, it’s hip and trendy, or something)

U.F.O.’s were spotted over Royalla in the early morning light, a few decided that the ceiling was a good place to land, so we stuck a light bulb inside and called them light fittings for bedroom 3 and 2, toilets and the walk in spare room (i.e. wardrobe)

Toilet, this is where the poop goes in, otherwise known as “poop-to-water machine fuel”, use it liberally so the PTW machine can serve its purpose in the grand scheme of things.

Install a Rheam, or something, this massive obelisk emerged from the ground, so they wired it up and put some pipes into it, now hot water comes out, amazing!!

This may not seem significant to you CITY FOLK, but there’s WATER COMING OUT OF THAT TAP!!!!

Ho hum, cheap shower screens, we had to compromise on some things, this was one…they’re OK, but we would have prefered the frameless variety, one day gadget, one day!!