Thes updayte is fer awl thu anul retntuve spel chekers and tiopo chekars thut reed thiz syte.


The kitchen benches are in, the stainless steel bench is there too, but it’s covered in white plastic for protection, so we can’t see it properly yet.

The paint is about half way done, second coat going on in most places. Kristie’s study is having a major colour change (to the actual correct colour, something about ‘tints’, according to the painter)..and the hallway has also changed colour.

Almost all the bathroom tiling is done, all the borders are done, walls are 99% done, mainly because we keep deciding to add more on!

Here’s the usual swag of pictures:

Kitchen benches, we’re not 100% happy with them yet, not quite as shiny as we originally thought, and the edges are a bit rough, they need a bit more finishing before we’ll sign off.

Kristie’s new (original) colour!

New (original) hallway colour…

And the completed ensuite mirror, sans mirror (for a little while)

It’s been raining again, the water tank is just under 1/4 full already, but so is the soggy pit of mud next to the house 🙂