True Grout

The tile epic continues, grouting on the wall tiles is mostly completed, we decided to stick with white grout in the main bathroom because the border tiles had white edges and it would have looked a bit funny with a grey grout.
The floor tiles in the wet areas are also finished, one more day of wet area tiling and it should be done, mostly grouting and fixing up small errors. The tiler will be back after the painting is done, in about 2 weeks..the next couple of weeks should be pretty exciting with the wall colours going on, so stay tuned!
Let’s get on with the show!
The grouting in the ensuite bathroom, with all the borders in place.

A close up of the the border and grouting, woo!

Same again, in the main bathroom, you can see some of the floor tiles in this one too, we’re beginning to understand why we needed an interior designer now, looks great (we think!), we would have picked blacks and greys if it was up to us, we have no style!

Floor tiles and shower recess in the ensuite, again, we like the matching of the colours, money well spent on the interior designer.

Everything but the laundry sink, oh wait, there it is!