Mo-Damn! (and rendering)

Well, as you may be able to tell, I’m back on the modem, this site should (in theory) only be about half the speed it was (since DSL upstream was only 128k anyway), BUT in practice, it’s more likely to be MUCH slower, just be patient, it will get there eventually. (also, if the site appears down, it because the Dyndns hasn’t redelgated yet, this will happen more since I’ll be reconnecting and getting a new IP more often…just try again in a few hours).

The house is moving along at an insane mentioned, the cabling is all done and the electricals are all in place.

New today was the rendering (see below), the wall insulation is in, and the plasterboard has been delivered. Tomorrow, hopefully the central heating unit should be there and the rendering will be almost done, amazing!

Rendering about 1/4 done.

..and inside the walls are filled with yellow sponge cake….

A little more detail, the rendering is well under way!