End of an Era!

Well, the word is in, and Royalla will NOT have ADSL or ISDN available. So it’s back to 56k for me (anyone selling, or giving away their old 56k? or have recommendations on what’s a non-crap one?).

I’ve decided to take up Telstra on their offer of early disconnection without penalty, so I’ll be back on 56k within the week, this means 1) this site will be A LOT slower and 2) It wont be so permanent any more, you’ll only be able to view it when I’m dialed up. 3) I’ll have to install a 3rd party dynamic DNS updater, which will probably turn out to be a trojan which will format my hard drive, steal all my important files and run over my dog 🙁


In good news, we finished data cabling the house today, big thanks to Ian and Dom (and Kristie for lunch!), and a little tiny thanks to Jeremy who turned up late, but helped in his own special way 😉

I’ll update the news with pictures and stuff from the cabling tomorrow or Monday.