Fiddlers on the roof…..

Today, the roofers arrived and worked way past 1pm (when most tradesmen seem to knock off, JUST KIDDING, they’re all doing a great job)..they actually finished up most of the laying of the colourbond roofing, tomorrow, they’ll finish up the fiddly bits at joins and edges and stuff….

Not much else happened today, except we found a large hole in the petrol tank of the ute, it was a slow drip this morning, I cleaned the area and it turned into a torrent (the dirt and muck was pluggin the hole!) that’s at the service station now, for major fuel tank replacement tomorrow..The evil forces trying to screw us can’t stop us with rain and mud, so they’re trying to ground us by killing the cars! I’m just waiting for something to explode, at least it will make a cool photo.

It’s look more like a house, than a mangled mess of wood and dirt…..