Cabling Plan….

We spent 2 hours with the builders foreman (Michael) today walking through the house as it stands to nominate where all the power points, light switches, taps, shower heads, data lines, phone lines etc etc would go…

This weekend is D-Day, yes, Data Day, the troops are assembling at about 10am on Saturday, I’ll be buying the cabling and wall panels during the week..Hell, here’s my manafesto! (or something)
Stuff I have to buy:

  • 200m Cat5 Cable
  • 15 Wall Panels and Inserts
  • 20 RJ45 plugs
  • Crimping Tool (or Krone Tool??)
  • 2x 8 Port Hub
  • 2x Hub Box (to keep them undusty!)
  • Cable Ties
  • Cable Labels of some kind
  • Cable Tester

The masterplan is to have 2 hubs in the roof with an uplink between them, one at each end of the house. The powerpoints are planned for there. On Saturday we’ll be making up one end of the cable with an RJ45 (ready to plug into the hubs), label them, tie them up all neat and tidy and have the other end hanging off the wall panel nailed to a stud.
Comments and suggestions or volunteers welcome, we’re providing lunch and stuff on Saturday for anyone who wants to come and watch, or help, or just hang out….starting 10am.

That’s all for this current mission, the next one will be to screw the wall panels on, connect up the cable to the wall panel plugs and plug in the hubs (in about a month)

Phew, it’s going to be a long week and weekend, lots happening!

Panorama from a different angle…..