Frames, Windows, Doors, oh my….

As scheduled, the frames, windows and doors (external ones) have been delivered, here are some pictures of them lying around in the rain!

The windows, we tried to play the “which windows goes where” game, but failed and proved once and for all why we’re not building the house ourselves.

The frames on the ground, we also failed horribly trying to work out which ones belonged where in the house, except for the obvious ones (the rake in the living area kinda gives those ones away).

The walls are due to go up next week, and the windows will go in/on at the same time, I’ll do a major picture update when that’s all in place.

In other news, the Hottest 100 party was a subdued affair this year, since it was our last in the Gordon house, we decided to keep it small, next year however, will be a different story, watch the mail for your invite!