Ditch, and other random stuff.

Not a lot to report really, the window in our kitchen has shrunk a little (60cm) due to a clerical error in the department of silly street names (actually, the architect drew the right window on the working drawing, but provided a list of window sizes with a wrong window listed…so the builder ordered the wrong size) but we decided it was just fine the ‘wrong’ size, so it’s stays.

More digging, more dust, half the block is a mess of ditches and trenches, the rest is half dead grass and gravel, oh the joy of living in the country!

See a preview of the next update (all these and more in the /browse area)

Dog in Hammock, an abstract art piece.

Ditch with Pipe, 2 pipes, one for sewer and one for water, I hope they hook up the right one into the right spot.

Thought this looked cool, ’nuff said


A horrible mess next to the shed, again, for water pipes and stuff.

Another horrible mess, there’s also a trench in this picture.