Form and Function

We’ve had 2 meetings with the interior designer, she’s given us some wacky ideas and we’re too weak to fight her, we’re going to be using some pretty bold colours, sort of a mexican theme – we like it so far. She took all the samples away or I would have posted them up for all (3) of you to see!

Here is the general idea and colour scheme, as best as I can represent in browser safe colours 🙂


. . . . . . . . . .

We also went to see the Kitchen company today, looks like we may be able to squeeze granite benchtops into the budget, which would be nice, because they’re shiny! The kitchen guy is coming back to us with a design and price next week some time (we hope).

No more movement at the station, the slab is happily curing while we poison weeds and stuff, the fun never stops!

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“I wouldn’t say the bit your dad has added is a bit of light reading” – Kristie

…and the following ICQ conversation…

Kris(17:26 PM) :
you can't do that
Scratch(17:26 PM) :
haah yes i can!
Kris(17:26 PM) :
I'm glad I was conservative