#Apple vs #Dell

So I picked up the iMac (a mentioned here) and took it home, plugged it in, started configuring it. Horror of horrors I notice a dead pixel on the screen (at 11pm) and do some googling about the dead pixel policy, unable to find anything conclusive I have a fit-full night worrying about if we’re going to have to live with a dead pixel on this $3000 iMac.

I go to call in the morning but at 8:50 Applecare isn’t open yet, so I kill time by calling Dell to check on the progress of the refund for the dead Laptop they sold me. 1 hour and 15 minutes later (I shit you not) they finally tell me that the refund has been approved by tech support but it will be another TWO TO THREE WEEKS before I will hear from Customer Care about the next step. Just shoot me.

So I call Apple and immediately get on to an Applecare guy who apologises profusely and  informs me that the iMac is essentially D.O.A. and had I purchased from the Applestore they would send me out a replacement, since I didn’t I should talk to the retailer. That took 5 minutes. Another 5 minutes later, after talking to a very helpful guy at Myer Canberra Centre and the replacement has been organised, all I need to do it take in the dead one and sign some form.

Today I picked up a shiny new iMac after 10 minutes on the phone and some time in-store.

In stark contrast to 14 (yes FOURTEEN) hours on the phone to Dell, and a total of more than 6 weeks elapsed time by the time the issue is resolved (if ever!).

Apple sent me a customer satisfaction survey this morning and I couldn’t find options with enough accolades for their service and support

The contrast in experiences is Apple and Oranges (pun intended, more like “Apples” and “Steaming Piles of Dog Shit”) and I now understand how people can be so fanatical about Apple computers, consider me one of them from now on.

EDIT: Steve sent me this link this morning, further illustrating the real measurable difference between Dell and Apple customer support: