Drug test leaves 6 in critical condition

Just a snippet of the article, full text can be found here:

LONDON – The first test in humans of a new drug to treat leukemia and autoimmune diseases has left six men severely ill, sparking fresh questions over the safety of such clinical trials.

Four of the men had regained consciousness Friday, doctors said, but two others were in critical condition with multiple organ failure.

The six previously healthy volunteers became seriously ill soon after taking TGN1412, a monoclonal antibody, on Monday in a trial run by Parexel International, based in Waltham, Mass. British regulators ordered an immediate suspension of the tests.

Raste Khan, one of two men given a placebo in the trial, said the six were vomiting and in severe pain within minutes of receiving the drug.

Not so good, but it seems all the proper controls were in place, anyway, this isn’t the purpose of this update, this is:

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On channel ten’s show “9am“, David Reyne was told by a doctor that the two men who were unaffected were given placebos. He responded with:- “They should have had enough placebos to give to all of them


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You can never have too much Placebo!

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